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PORTLAND Denim Blue  Slouchy Handknit Woolen Beanie for Men and Women / Handknit Blue Wool Beanie
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PORTLAND Denim Blue Slouchy Handknit Woolen Beanie for Men and Women / Handknit Blue Wool Beanie

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Handknit Denim Blue Slouchy Woolen Beanie for Men, Women and Teens.     
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Yes, I  lived in Portland and I loved it. I wanted to create a hat that would reflect some of the qualities and charms of this cool city. So I chose a very simple, yet chic and trendy design, a casual yet fashionable style, and a very comfortable yet totally practical and functional shape and material. This hat is super- cool, super-comfortable and easy to wear. It looks good on everyone, can be made in any color, or combination of colors, in pure warm wool, in a wool mix yarn , or in a totally wool-free yarn, perfect for anyone who cant wear wool. The hat can be accessorized with your own pins/brooches, badges, flowers, buttons, or just worn as it is. The simplicity, coolness, understated hipness and functional style all suit the ethos of the average Portlander. This great hat suits men, women and of course, teenagers.
This slouchy beanie is handknit in a lovely rich denim blue wool blend yarn , perfect for anyone who can't wear pure wool.. It is beautifully soft, warm and comfortable to wear. It is stretchy and will fit a small- medium size womans head, with a gentle slouch at the back.

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